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Who are the Minmatar?

The Minmatar Republic was formed over a century ago when the Minmatar threw out their Amarrian overlords in what is now known as the Minmatar Rebellion. In this the Minmatar had the support of the Gallente Federation, and to this day the two nations remain close allies. Yet, only a quarter of the Minmatar people reside within the Republic. The rest are scattered around the star cluster, including a large portion who are still enslaved within the Amarr Empire. Minmatar individuals are independent and proud, possessing a strong will and a multitude of tribal traditions.

From the EVE website: In the distant past the clans constantly warred against each other. Since then, however, Minmatar have learned that cooperation is more important, and although the clans still try to maintain their regional and ideological identities, they act as a single unit towards other races.

Bloodlines: Brutor, Sebiestor, Vherokior

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