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Pirate faction ships

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Angel Cartel

Battleship Machariel
Cruiser Cynabal
Frigate Dramiel

Blood Raiders

Battleship Bhaalgorn
Cruiser Ashimmu
Dreadnought Chemosh
Force Auxiliary Dagon
Frigate Cruor
Titan Molok


Battleship Rattlesnake
Cruiser Gila
Dreadnought Caiman
Force Auxiliary Loggerhead
Frigate Worm
Titan Komodo

Mordu's Legion

Battleship Barghest
Cruiser Orthrus
Frigate Garmur

Sansha's Nation

Battleship Nightmare
Cruiser Phantasm
Frigate Succubus
Supercarrier Revenant


Battleship Vindicator
Cruiser Vigilant
Frigate Daredevil

Sisters of EVE

Battleship Nestor
Cruiser Stratios
Frigate Astero

Triglavian Collective

Assault Frigate Nergal
Battleship Leshak
Combat Battlecruiser Drekavac
Command Destroyer Draugur
Cruiser Vedmak
Destroyer Kikimora
Dreadnought Zirnitra
Frigate Damavik
Heavy Assault Cruiser Ikitursa
Logistics Zarmazd
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