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What is a MMORPG?

MMO is an acronym that stands for Massively Multiplayer Online game. An MMO is a game capable of supporting many players online in the same world at once; we're talking about thousands of players playing the same game in the same moment, interacting with each other.

MMORPG is a subgenre of MMOs involving (yes, you guessed right) RPG (role-playing game) mechanics. In a MMORPG the player controls the actions of a character (or a ship, in the case of EVE Online) in a persistent world. Some common MMORPG mechanics are:

  • PVE (Player VS Environment): you go around killing monsters, ships, things not controlled by other players.
  • PVP (Player VS Player): you travel the land / universe searching for other players to kill for fun.
  • Roleplaying: you talk and behave like you are really part of the game ("Sir, please, kindly remove your sword from my bowels, please").
  • Crafting: you spend your time searching for materials and building things like swords, nice clothes, ships, modules, etc.
  • Dungeon: a scary place where you usually go in a team to fight big bosses and gain fat loot (yes, even EVE Online has "dungeons").
  • Quests/missions: you go to some guy (NPC), the guy tells you to do something ("kill 10 rats", "free some Minmatar slaves"), you do something and return to the guy for payment.
  • Guild/corporation: when more players join together to form some kind of permanent griup for more fun.
And now you know what a MMO is and you learned the basics of MMORPGs.
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