EVE Online Ships

EVE Online Fighters ships

Ship Class Race
Ametat I Heavy Fighter Ametat I Heavy Fighter Amarr
Ametat II Heavy Fighter Ametat II Heavy Fighter Amarr
Antaeus I Heavy Fighter Antaeus I Heavy Fighter Gallente
Antaeus II Heavy Fighter Antaeus II Heavy Fighter Gallente
Cyclops I Heavy Fighter Cyclops I Heavy Fighter Gallente
Gungnir I Heavy Fighter Gungnir I Heavy Fighter Minmatar
Gungnir II Heavy Fighter Gungnir II Heavy Fighter Minmatar
Malleus I Heavy Fighter Malleus I Heavy Fighter Amarr
Mantis I Heavy Fighter Mantis I Heavy Fighter Caldari
Shadow Heavy Fighter Shadow Heavy Fighter -
Termite I Heavy Fighter Termite I Heavy Fighter Caldari
Termite II Heavy Fighter Termite II Heavy Fighter Caldari
Tyrfing I Heavy Fighter Tyrfing I Heavy Fighter Minmatar
Dragonfly I Light Fighter Dragonfly I Light Fighter Caldari
Einherji I Light Fighter Einherji I Light Fighter Minmatar
Equite I Light Fighter Equite I Light Fighter Amarr
Equite II Light Fighter Equite II Light Fighter Amarr
Firbolg I Light Fighter Firbolg I Light Fighter Gallente
Gram I Light Fighter Gram I Light Fighter Minmatar
Gram II Light Fighter Gram II Light Fighter Minmatar
Locust I Light Fighter Locust I Light Fighter Caldari
Locust II Light Fighter Locust II Light Fighter Caldari
Satyr I Light Fighter Satyr I Light Fighter Gallente
Satyr II Light Fighter Satyr II Light Fighter Gallente
Templar I Light Fighter Templar I Light Fighter Amarr
Cenobite I Support Fighter Cenobite I Support Fighter Amarr
Cenobite II Support Fighter Cenobite II Support Fighter Amarr
Dromi I Support Fighter Dromi I Support Fighter Minmatar
Dromi II Support Fighter Dromi II Support Fighter Minmatar
Scarab I Support Fighter Scarab I Support Fighter Caldari
Scarab II Support Fighter Scarab II Support Fighter Caldari
Siren I Support Fighter Siren I Support Fighter Gallente
Siren II Support Fighter Siren II Support Fighter Gallente

In red: published
In gray, italic: non published

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