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Svarog Clade Orbital Shipyards (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Svarog Clade Orbital Shipyards (not published)

Svarog Clade Orbital Shipyards


Svarog Clade has gained a reputation for a warlike attitude to the universe that appears extreme even by the standards of the Triglavian Collective. The Svarog occupation of Skarkon II, with ongoing warfare involving Minmatar resistance fighters, warclone mercenaries, and incursions from other clades, has only amplified that reputation. However, it is also clear that this most implacably brutal of Triglavian clades is determined to extract maximum value in resources from the planets it has conquered.

To that end, seemingly making a virtue of pragmatism from stubborn ruthlessness, the Svarog have constructed a massive orbital shipbuilding complex over Skarkon II. Construction of their own variants of the powerful Zirnitra-class dreadnought in orbit of war-torn Skarkon II, using resources taken from the surface of the so-called "Snake Pit of New Eden", is an arrogant statement of power that is almost emblematic of Svarog Clade's apparent world-view.

Structure and speed:

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