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SCC Encounter Surveillance Administration (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

SCC Encounter Surveillance Administration (not published)

  • RaceRace: Gallente
SCC Encounter Surveillance Administration


CONCORD has centralized the Encounter Surveillance System program under the authority of the Secure Commerce Commission. ESS installations have been placed in star systems eligible for enhanced bounty programs by the SCC.

Once operated on a freelancer basis by individual empires, the ESS program was re-organized under SCC control to improve efficiency, and combat corruption and financial crimes by pirate groups.

SCC Encounter Surveillance Administration facilities are the main information gathering and collating centers for the Surveillance Quadrant for which they have responsibility. These facilities process and store vast quantities of financial and contractual information pertaining to the SCC bounty program. This information is then made available to the Audit Control center within a Secure Key Storage site.

Structure and speed:
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 100000000

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