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Paradise Club


Note: Gala patrons should present their ticket and deposit at check in to receive their Gala Surprise Gift from the Angel Cartel.

The Paradise Club is the center of the Guardian's Gala YC121 celebrations. As elite attendees you will be pampered and entertained by a legion of servants, dancers, chefs, sommeliers, pharma-vendors, gladiators, robot comedians (a big hit in the Syndicate this year), performing loons, hired ranters, poets, fighting bantam cocks and so many, many more dazzling delights.

The Serpentis Corporation spares no expense in welcoming partners and clients, one and all, to the Guardian's Gala!

WARNING: Anyone found on station without an invitation will be made to run the cyber-slaver hound gauntlet. (Hounds provided by kind donation of Zashev Human Resources Extraction Services.)

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