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Motain's Modified Quantum Flux Generator (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Motain's Modified Quantum Flux Generator (not published)

Motain's Modified Quantum Flux Generator


The Angel Cartel have long been among the leaders of research into wormholes and Anoikis, likely viewing the exploration of wormhole space as a natural extension of the extremely fruitful archaeological endeavors that provided them with the reverse-engineered Jove technology used in their advanced combat starships. Although they have often found themselves a few steps behind their rivals in Sansha's Nation in the race for mastery of wormhole technology, the engineers of the Salvation Angels do enjoy access to some of the most advanced wormhole research in New Eden, and their maps of ever-changing connections within Anoikis are almost as detailed as those maintained by capsuleers.

The Cartel's mastery of wormhole technology provides numerous benefits for their wide-ranging criminal activities, including access to a lucrative black market trade in Sleeper artifacts, remote hiding places for high value research and data storage sites, and the use of Anoikis for smuggling routes away from the eyes of any empire authorities. One of the more frivolous side-benefits of this work has been the establishment of exclusive VIP festive venues within Anoikis during the annual Guardian's Gala celebration with their Serpentis allies. Authorities have suspected for years that these VIP parties across the near-entirety of wormhole space could only be feasible if the Angel and Serpentis forces had access to some form of wormhole manipulation technology other than that available to the empires and capsuleer corporations.

This conspicuous infrastructure hub houses a heavily-modified Quantum Flux Generator upgrade that has been developed by Motain Tesschye and his team of engineers within the Salvation Angels. It appears to be much more powerful than the standard-issue Quantum Flux Generators available on the open market and is likely responsible for the temporarily increased prevalence of wormhole connections within the Heaven and Phoenix constellations.

Structure and speed:
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 100000000

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