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Minas Iksan's Revelation_old (NPC structures Large Collidable Structure)

Minas Iksan's Revelation_old (not published)

  • RaceRace: Amarr
Minas Iksan's Revelation_old


General Minas Iksan is the highest ranking officer of the Amarr forces and their allies stationed in Kenobanala. His responsibility is to see to it that the 'Tyrion incident' is resolved, and to lead his armada into Audesder should it come to all-out-war.

Minas commands a Revelation. It represents the pinnacle of Amarrian military technology. Maintaining their proud tradition of producing the strongest armor plating to be found anywhere, the Empire's engineers outdid themselves in creating what is arguably the most resilient dreadnought in existence.

Added to that, the Revelation's ability to fire capital beams makes its position on the battlefield a unique one. When extended sieges are the order of the day, this is the ship you call in.

Minas Iksan's Revelation_old


hitpoints EM
uniformity *
Armor: 56000
1 %

* Threshold below which damage starts "bleeding" through to the lower level

shield Recharge Rate
Shield recharge time: 50000000 S
Minas Iksan's Revelation_old


No data available.
Minas Iksan's Revelation_old


  • Signature radiusSignature radius: 400 m

Structure and speed:
  • MassMass: 1125000000 kg
  • VolumeVolume: 18500000 m3
  • Cargo capacityCargo capacity: 7250 m3
  • Capacitor Capacity Capacitor Capacity 1000
  • Capacitor Recharge time Capacitor Recharge time 500000
  • Activation Cost Activation Cost 0
  • RADAR Sensor Strength RADAR Sensor Strength 100
  • Ladar Sensor Strength Ladar Sensor Strength 100
  • Magnetometric Sensor Strength Magnetometric Sensor Strength 100
  • Gravimetric Sensor Strength Gravimetric Sensor Strength 100
  • Disallows Assistance Disallows Assistance 1
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 50000
  • Shield Capacity Shield Capacity 35000
  • Shield Explosive Damage Resistance Shield Explosive Damage Resistance 0.4
  • Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance 0.6
  • Shield Thermal Damage Resistance Shield Thermal Damage Resistance 0.8
  • EM damage EM damage 9
  • Explosive damage Explosive damage 3
  • Kinetic damage Kinetic damage 3
  • Thermal damage Thermal damage 15
  • Accuracy falloff Accuracy falloff 50000
  • Turret Tracking Turret Tracking 0.01
  • Rate of fire Rate of fire 8000
  • Optimal Range Optimal Range 250000
  • Signature Resolution Signature Resolution 100
  • Damage Modifier Damage Modifier 20
  • Activation proximity Activation proximity 250000
  • Security Status Kill Amount Security Status Kill Amount 0
  • Bounty Bounty 70000
  • Missile Velocity Bonus Missile Velocity Bonus 1.5
  • Missile Flight Time Bonus Missile Flight Time Bonus 1.5

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