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Malkalen Attack Memorial (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Malkalen Attack Memorial (not published)

Malkalen Attack Memorial


On May 15th YC110, the Ishukone corporation headquarters station was attacked by the treacherous Gallente Admiral Alexander Noir, who crashed his Nyx-class supercarrier into the station killing over 421,000 people including Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi. This brutal act of terror interrupted the peaceful Malkalen Economic Summit and drove the Caldari State and Gallente Federation into violent conflict.

Thanks to the diligence of Ishukone corporation employees, the unity and support of the Caldari State, and the assistance of numerous capsuleers who participated in relief efforts, this station has since been fully repaired and once again stands as a bustling hub of commerce, industry, and innovation serving the Lonetrek region.

This memorial has been erected to honor the memory of all of the Malkalen residents killed on that day, and as as reminder that the dedication and ingenuity of the Caldari will forever enable them to stand tall against all those who wish to tear them down.

Structure and speed:

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