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Landfall Kutuoto Miru Orbital Center (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

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Landfall Kutuoto Miru Orbital Center


The Landfall Kutuoto Miru Orbital Center is a facility dedicated to the teaching and practice of the various techniques of mind and body used in the Caldari Way. The term "Kutuoto Miru" can loosely be translated as "mind tool" but, in context of the Caldari Way, more properly signifies an entire set of practical disciplines used by those seeking to maximize focus, equanimity, and mental fortitude. The practice of Kutuoto Miru within the Caldari Way has expanded from an ancient core to include numerous sub-disciplines of mind and body, including martial forms.

The Landfall Kutuoto Miru Orbital Center is maintained by the Chief Executive Panel using the discretionary funding available to it through State service charges and its longstanding investments in the Caldari banking system. Recent expansion and upgrades have considerably expanded the communications capacity of the facility, and all eight ruling megacorporations have established their own Kutuoto Miru educational broadcasting units on the orbital center. As a center for Caldari Wayist practice, the facility is closely linked to the Landfall Shrine on New Caldari Prime.

The Landfall Shrine is the largest Wayist shrine in Caldari space, surrounded by expansive parklands around which the major metropolis of Landfall City sprawls. The shrine is primarily a place for the veneration of ancestor spirits, and is of prime importance to the Caldari people. Built on the landing site of the first Kaalakiota colony ship to reach the planet more than 350 years ago, Landfall Shrine is a vast complex of gardens, pavilions, and temples. A necropolis contains the tombs of more than 12,000 heroes of the Caldari State. It is the only shrine which is supported through a national endowment, and most Caldari, even those who are not Wayists, make at least one trip to the site during their lifetime.

Structure and speed:
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 100000000

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