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Karo Zulak's Bestower (NPCs: other ships Destructible Agents In Space)

Karo Zulak's Bestower (not published)

  • RaceRace: Amarr
Karo Zulak's Bestower


This Bestower-class industrial is currently undergoing maintenance. Although an excellent military tactician, Zulak is not known for his bravery in combat, rather opting to fly in a heavily armored industrial behind the scene while his men do the fighting. This is highly unusual, but he claims it has helped him avoid unneccessary attention in the past, as few suspect anyone of importance would choose to fly a Bestower.

Karo Zulak's Bestower


No data available.
Karo Zulak's Bestower


  • Signature radiusSignature radius: 1000 m

Structure and speed:
  • Disallows Assistance Disallows Assistance 1
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 20000
  • Shield Capacity Shield Capacity 1500
  • Shield recharge time Shield recharge time 86400000
  • Armor Hitpoints Armor Hitpoints 3000

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