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Kabar Terraforming HQ


This station is the dedicated headquarters of the Kabar (Mannar VIII) Terraforming Initiative's operations established to oversee the next phase of the "remedial terraforming" efforts aimed at repairing the devastated biosphere of the planet. President Celes Aguard made Federation backing of this effort a key priority for her administration.

Kabar is the original home world of the Mannar people, a founder member of the Gallente Federation that has continued to be a vital part of the democratic interstellar polity. In BYC24, Kabar was struck by an ecological catastrophe that led to total collapse of the biosphere, eventually rendering the planet barren and barely capable of supporting life. The Mannar call this event the "Doa dea Kabar". While the event is loosely known as the "Destruction of Mannar" in the Federation and beyond, the name the Mannar give it renders more accurately as "Death of the Heart" or "Destruction of Home". As a result of this disaster, the bulk of the Mannar population was settled on Leremblompes II, a world that they call "Mannar Seginde".

The nature of the ecological catastrophe has been the subject of much speculation and controversy. The essence of the matter was the sudden mass extinction of a keystone genus of insects vital to the ecology of the planet. The insects were apparently struck by a plague that rapidly destroyed their populations, leaving vast numbers of plant and animal species dependent on the insects bereft. Despite the efforts of scientists, the plague was not cured and the insects could not be successfully cloned or otherwise replaced. The entire global ecosystem unraveled and the biosphere began to collapse.

The cause of the plague and dramatic global ecosystem collapse is unknown. Fingers were pointed at rival planetary states for a time, but outside sabotage became the main theory, with many Mannar and others in the Federation going so far as to openly blame their Caldari State enemies. This theory drove many Mannar to enlist with the Federation Navy in order to strike back through fighting in the ongoing Gallente-Caldari War. Ultimately, nothing was ever proven and the trigger for the extinction and ecological collapse remains a mystery.

Structure and speed:
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 100000000

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