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Guristas Clone Soldier Negotiator (NPCs: asteroid Asteroid Guristas Cruiser)

Guristas Clone Soldier Negotiator (not published)

  • RaceRace: Caldari
Guristas Clone Soldier Negotiator


With the advent of clone soldiers, a new breed of pirate has arisen to take advantage of their existence. CONCORD, which had been content to leave the pirates be so long as they remained within their own territories, sees the presence of pirate-affiliated clone soldiers as a major threat to the safety of the cluster, and will go to extraordinary means to disrupt their operations.

This Guristas pirate is a negotiator, a fixer who establishes contracts between pirate-trained clone soldiers and those whose missions are so dangerous, so volatile or outright crazy that even the notorious faction of thrillseekers and madmen won't dare risk them - except for the small but rapidly growing section that no longer truly needs have any fear of death.

Guristas Clone Soldier Negotiator


hitpoints EM
uniformity *
Shield: 3110.4
0.75 %
Armor: 1987
0.75 %

* Threshold below which damage starts "bleeding" through to the lower level

shield Recharge Rate
Shield recharge time: 1000000 S
Guristas Clone Soldier Negotiator


No data available.
Guristas Clone Soldier Negotiator


  • Max locked targetsMax locked targets: 3
  • Max targeting rangeMax targeting range: n.a. M
  • Radar sensorsRadar sensors: - points
  • Ladar sensorsLadar sensors: - points
  • Magnetometric sensorsMagnetometric sensors: - points
  • Gravimetric sensorsGravimetric sensors: 35 points
  • Signature radiusSignature radius: 90 M
  • Scan resolutionScan resolution: 220 Mm
  • Scan speedScan speed: 6000 S

Structure and speed:
  • MassMass: 10100000 kg
  • VolumeVolume: 101000 m3
  • Cargo capacityCargo capacity: 235 m3
  • Maximum velocityMaximum velocity: 720
Speed and Travel:
  • Orbit Velocity Orbit Velocity 193
  • Capacitor Capacity Capacitor Capacity 1050
  • Capacitor Recharge time Capacitor Recharge time 1000000
  • Disallows Assistance Disallows Assistance 1
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 2073
  • EM damage EM damage 0
  • Explosive damage Explosive damage 0
  • Kinetic damage Kinetic damage 0
  • Thermal damage Thermal damage 0
  • Signature Resolution Signature Resolution 0
  • Damage Modifier Damage Modifier 0
EW - Warp Scrambling:
  • Warp Disruption Range Warp Disruption Range 24000
  • Warp Scramble Strength Warp Scramble Strength 1
  • Drone Tanking Modifier Drone Tanking Modifier 0.7
  • Ignore Drones Below This Size Ignore Drones Below This Size 25
  • Missile Damage Bonus Missile Damage Bonus 12.7218
  • Gravimetric ECM Jammer Strength Gravimetric ECM Jammer Strength 3
  • Ladar ECM Jammer Strength Ladar ECM Jammer Strength 3
  • Magnetometric ECM Jammer Strength Magnetometric ECM Jammer Strength 3
  • RADAR ECM Jammer Strength RADAR ECM Jammer Strength 3
  • Security Status Kill Amount Security Status Kill Amount 0.5
  • Bounty Bounty 1750000
  • Duration Duration 10000
  • Rate of fire Rate of fire 5000
  • Missile Velocity Bonus Missile Velocity Bonus 1.9015
  • Missile Flight Time Bonus Missile Flight Time Bonus 1.9015
  • Explosion Radius Bonus Explosion Radius Bonus 0.7
  • Explosion Velocity Bonus Explosion Velocity Bonus 1.4

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