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Federation Grand Prix History Route: Treaty of Tierijev (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Treaty of Tierijev (not published)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Treaty of Tierijev


In the year YC12, after six months of bilateral talks facilitated by CONCORD, a peace accord was signed in the marginal Gallente-Caldari system of Tierijev. All senior members of the Chief Executive Panel and a large delegation of the Federation leadership met in orbit of the previously war-torn planet IV and signed the Treaty of Tierijev.

The Federation agreed to acknowledge the Caldari State as a sovereign entity, with all its territorial claims intact. The sole exception was Caldari Prime, which had been a point of contention in negotiations. Eventually, the CEP voted to cede it to the Federation, viewing ending the war and opening trade with the Gallente to be more beneficial than the return of their home world.

With the war over, peace parades took place across Gallente space. The Federation began to focus its efforts on interstellar trade with its three neighbors, sharing a border with all of them. It also accelerated its domestic aid and development programs, which resulted in so-called ‘boom worlds’ cropping up across the Federation. With increased relations across the cluster, funding for the Gallente military was slowly but surely reduced. No more did the planets of the Federation have to live in the shadows of war.

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