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Federation Grand Prix History Route: Republic University (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Republic University (not published)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Republic University


After the young Gallente Federation made contact with the Amarr, the plight of the Minmatar enslaved by the Amarr incited the anger of citizens across the Federation. Freedom-minded groups within the Federation were some of the earliest foreign supporters of the nascent Minmatar resistance and when the Minmatar rebellion caught fire after the battle of Vak'Atioth the Federation began to more overtly provide the Minmatar with weapons and advisers.

When the Minmatar rebels successfully carved out significant territory from the reeling Amarr, the Federation quickly acknowledged the Minmatar as a sovereign state and sent experts to assist them in forming a new government, with the result that many of the newly minted Republic’s governmental institutions were modeled after the structures of the Federation, with a Republic Prime Minister, Parliament, and Justice Department mirroring the Federation's President, Senate, and Supreme court.

The Republic University was one of these key early institutions that can trace its origins to the Federation. It was founded by Minmatar emigrants as a show of support for the fledgling republic shortly after its inception. The school is modeled after the University of Caille and based on the Gallentean education system.

Structure and speed:

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