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Federation Grand Prix History Route: Intaki Prime (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Intaki Prime (not published)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Intaki Prime


"Intaki Prime is a jewel among planets. It is tropical and filled with diverse lifeforms. We have lived and grown on this planet for time beyond measure. I was born in the town of Asaya, sitting at the base of the Akat mountain range. These mountains mark the southern end of the habitable region of the north pole. My town was hidden from the harsh sunlight in the deep valleys that intersect the mountain range. Intaki Prime is a very hot world, and both polar regions were once thick with tropical forests. The equatorial oceans are exceedingly hot, and few living things survive around the equator. The rich and varied life of Intaki Prime has been confined to the polar regions, and in constant struggle for land, food, and shelter from the environment."
- Vremaja Idama

The first contact between the Gallente and the Intaki was made in BYC442, 327 years before the founding of the Federation. At the time, the Intaki were technologically pre-industrial but socially and culturally advanced. Within a century, they caught up with the Gallente, mastering space travel to settle other nearby regions and holding positions in the Gallente government.

Today the Intaki are one of the largest ethnicities of the Federation. Exceedingly gifted communicators, the Intaki are today very prominent among the Federal bureaucracy. Though Gallente mass culture has permeated their society to some extent, Intaki culture and philosophy remains distinct and the Intaki citizens comprise the largest portion of the "Doves" voting block that prioritizes dialogue and reconciliation over conflict.

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