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Federation Grand Prix History Route: Federation President (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Federation President (not published)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Federation President


The Gallente Federation is a representative democracy composed of several semi-autonomous states in a pluralistic union. The most important governmental bodies of the Federation are the three branches: the executive, legislative, and judicial.

The executive branch is headed by the Federation President, an elected official who is responsible for overseeing the enforcement of the Federation’s laws. They are expected to represent the Federation both domestically and internationally, and must serve equally as a legislator, a diplomat, and a national symbol. Additionally, the President is chair of the Federal Military Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Federation armed forces. Such civilian oversight of the military is a key component in ensuring the Federation adheres to its ideals and remains a free, liberal, democratic nation.

The primary office of the President is currently in the process of moving from its previous location in Ladistier to the new Federation executive capital system of Parchanier, with auxiliary offices remaining in Ladistier as well as in Parts.

Structure and speed:

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