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Federation Grand Prix History Route: Chandeille (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Chandeille (not published)

Federation Grand Prix History Route: Chandeille


The Lirsautton solar system in the Everyshore region is the home of the Jin-Mei nation and people, and the capital of its respective Assembly territory. Its physical distance to Luminaire of less than 2 lightyears, the closest of any major Federation member-state, has led to Lirsautton wielding an extremely strong level of influence on Gallente affairs in all areas, to a disproportionate extent considering the relatively short amount of time since first contact. The inverse also applies, with Gallente cultural and corporate influence being stronger here than in any other Federal home system. As a result, Lirsautton is a powerhouse of economic and cultural activity moreso than the relatively distant Intaki and Mannar home systems, with the gargantuan Quafe Corporation being headquartered here.

The Jin-Mei people originated from the fifth planet of Lirsautton, known as Chandeille or Tei-Su. The Jin-Mei nation signed the Federal Charter in the year BYC62 to officially join the Federation.

Structure and speed:

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