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Federation Counter-Insurgency Outpost Hub (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Federation Counter-Insurgency Outpost Hub (not published)

  • RaceRace: Gallente
Federation Counter-Insurgency Outpost Hub


This Federation Counter-Insurgency Outpost has been set up by the Federation Navy and Federal Defense Union to function as a central command and control hub for anti-pirate and counter-insurgency operations. Gallente forces are maintaining a strong presence while actively encouraging their loyal militia pilots to assist in the fight against the pirate insurgencies emerging in the warzone.

Capsuleer members of the Federal Defense Union will be able to hand in certain items of intelligence and evidence acquired from pirate forces in exchange for suitable recompense.

Structure and speed:
  • MassMass: 100000 kg
  • VolumeVolume: 100000000 m3
  • Cargo capacityCargo capacity: 10000 m3

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