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F7-ICZ Stargate Construction Monument (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

F7-ICZ Stargate Construction Monument (not published)

F7-ICZ Stargate Construction Monument


This monument honors the numerous capsuleers who contributed to the Amarr Empire's construction project for this stargate in YC123. The ten individual capsuleers and five capsuleer corporations who contributed the most to this project are listed below.

Top ten individual capsuleer contributors to the construction project for this stargate:
1. Gaylok
2. R0ttofix
3. Speedliner
4. Little Focker
5. Nora Maldoran
6. Hitomi Ihakana
7. Avio Yaken
8. Erdinhok
9. Ed Bassmaster
10. ianoox

Top five capsuleer corporations that contributed to the construction project for this stargate:
1. Lowsexgate to STAIN
2. Friends of Honor
3. Red Branch
4. 1 Royal Fleet Corps
5. Guardians of Parallel World

Structure and speed:

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