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EDENCOM Memorial to Triglavian Invasions (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

EDENCOM Memorial to Triglavian Invasions (not published)

EDENCOM Memorial to Triglavian Invasions


This war memorial is dedicated by the New Eden Common Defense Initiative (EDENCOM) to all those lost during the Triglavian Invasions of YC121-122.

To the memory of those innocents lost to the invaders and those warriors who fell in service of civilization.

With determination to remember and recover the people and worlds of the Triglavian Occupied Systems:

Raravoss - Vale - Sakenta

Nalvula - Arvasaras - Harva

Ichoriya - Senda - Angymonne

Archee - Kino - Otela

Otanuomi - Konola - Niarja

Tunudan - Ahtila - Urhinichi

Wirashoda - Nani - Komo

Kaunokka - Kuharah - Ignebaener

Skarkon - Ala - Krirald

"The years shall not dim the memory of those who fought and died for the cause of civilization in New Eden. Nor shall time erode our will to recover what has been lost, and restore peace and security to all the worlds of our cluster." – EDENCOM Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir

Structure and speed:

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