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EDENCOM Invasions Command HQ (Yulai) (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

EDENCOM Invasions Command HQ (Yulai) (not published)

EDENCOM Invasions Command HQ (Yulai)


The New Eden Common Defense Initiative (EDENCOM) used a highly distributed command structure during the Triglavian Invasions of YC121-122, reflecting the nature of a military alliance relying heavily on line units drawn from the core empires of New Eden. However, the EDENCOM Invasions Command HQ (Yulai) was one of the most critical and heavily-defended command facilities due to its location at the heart of CONCORD's territory and its proximity to the diplomatic center of the New Eden cluster.

Once a closely-guarded secret, the EDENCOM Invasions Command HQ (Yulai) is now a reserve command center, with operational command of ongoing EDENCOM activities shifted to even more secure and secret locations. The facility is well-remembered as part of the network of command HQs that orchestrated the successful defense of over 150 star systems, fully-fortifying over 50 systems, and preventing the Triglavian Invaders from extending their conquests beyond the "Pochven 27".

Given the importance of this HQ, and the nearby EDENCOM Stellar Monitoring (Yulai) facility, it was decided to locate the EDENCOM Memorial to the Triglavian Invasions close by when the veil of secrecy was lifted after the invasions came to an end.

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