EVE Online Ships

Dark Blood Alpha (NPCs: deadspace Deadspace Overseer Frigate)

Dark Blood Alpha (not published)

  • RaceRace: Amarr
Dark Blood Alpha


Subject: Dark Blood Alpha (ID: Modified Inquisitor)
Military Specifications: Frigate-class vessel. Veteran-level crew.
Additional Intelligence: The Dark Blood Alpha is an Inquisitor variant designed for a single purpose: lead blitzkrieg raids through empire space. Taking after capsuleer tactics, the Dark Blood Alpha coordinates groups of fast-attack frigates known as wolf packs. Wolf packs swarm larger targets, providing too many fast moving targets for the enemy weapons to track. The Dark Blood Alpha is crewed almost exclusively by veterans of past raids, making this ship the most dangerous opponent on the field.
Analyst Fawlon, Ministry of Assessment.Authorized for capsuleer dissemination.

Structure and speed:
  • MassMass: 2870000 kg
  • VolumeVolume: 28700 m3
  • Cargo capacityCargo capacity: 135 m3
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