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Damaged Spatial Concealment Chamber (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Damaged Spatial Concealment Chamber (not published)

  • RaceRace: Amarr
Damaged Spatial Concealment Chamber


The purpose of this large structure seems to have been to cloak a section of space - section big enough to conceal a sizable site. There are indications that this structure was damaged recently, to the point where it could no longer serve its purpose. Who damaged the structure or why is impossible to tell.

Damaged Spatial Concealment Chamber


No data available.
Damaged Spatial Concealment Chamber


  • Signature radiusSignature radius: 1000 m

Structure and speed:
  • MassMass: 100000 kg
  • VolumeVolume: 100000000 m3
  • Cargo capacityCargo capacity: 10000 m3
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 50000
  • Shield Capacity Shield Capacity 50000
  • Shield recharge time Shield recharge time 86400000
  • Armor Hitpoints Armor Hitpoints 100000
  • Accuracy falloff Accuracy falloff 0
  • Turret Tracking Turret Tracking 0
  • Optimal Range Optimal Range 0
Entity Rewards:
  • Security Status Kill Amount Security Status Kill Amount 0

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