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Champions of the Federation Grand Prix YC124 (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Champions of the Federation Grand Prix YC124 (not published)

Champions of the Federation Grand Prix YC124


This monument has been erected to honor the Capsuleers who achieved the fastest completion times in the Federation Grand Prix courses. It is inscribed with the list of top ten racers for each circuit in YC124's version of the event.

Northeastern Route Champions:
1st - Arwen Estalia
2nd - Larethyl Seshin
3rd - Romon Inaken
4th - Dread Pirate Rodgers
5th - Elsebeth Rhiannon
6th - Gynosi
7th - Uno Turbo
8th - Walter Islands
9th - Hatschi Bratschi
10th - VectoredT

Southwestern Route Champions:
1st - Dread Pirate Rodgers
2nd - Uno Turbo
3rd - Romon Inaken
4th - Elsebeth Rhiannon
5th - Arwen Estalia
6th - Walter Islands
7th - Hatschi Bratschi
8th - Imiarr Timshae
9th - VectoredT
10th - Candi karp

Federation History Route Champions:
1st - Uno Turbo
2nd - Romon Inaken
3rd - Dread Pirate Rodgers
4th - Arwen Estalia
5th - Elsebeth Rhiannon
6th - Hatschi Bratschi
7th - Walter Islands
8th - Imiarr Timshae
9th - maquinista
10th - VectoredT

Structure and speed:

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