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Captain Artey Vinck (NPCs: mission Mission Generic Battleships)

Captain Artey Vinck (not published)

  • RaceRace: Minmatar
Captain Artey Vinck


Angel Captain Artey Vinck used to be one of the most successful civilian traders in the entire Nadire constellation of Sinq Laison, a place known for ruthlessly competitive trading practices. As with many booming Gallentean traders, his success eventually put him in the crosshairs of the criminal underworld. Recognizing an opportunity to shift their goods deep inside Federation space, Serpentis thugs threatened him with financial ruin if he didn't begin smuggling boosters for them.

Their extortion attempt ended poorly, however, when Vinck decided to go over their heads and cut a far more lucrative and efficient deal with their superiors. Days later they were all dead and Vinck vanished down the path of piracy and narcotics peddling. Since that time he has never been directly linked to any criminal activity, although in recent times he is rumored to have begun leading countless operations involving X-Instinct sales, both inside Federation space and beyond.

Captain Artey Vinck


hitpoints EM
uniformity *
Shield: 5500
0.75 %
Armor: 4750
0.75 %

* Threshold below which damage starts "bleeding" through to the lower level

shield Recharge Rate
Shield recharge time: 500000 S
Captain Artey Vinck


No data available.
Captain Artey Vinck


  • Max locked targetsMax locked targets: 4
  • Max targeting rangeMax targeting range: n.a. M
  • Radar sensorsRadar sensors: - points
  • Ladar sensorsLadar sensors: 43 points
  • Magnetometric sensorsMagnetometric sensors: - points
  • Gravimetric sensorsGravimetric sensors: - points
  • Signature radiusSignature radius: 297.5 M
  • Scan resolutionScan resolution: 105 Mm
  • Scan speedScan speed: S

Structure and speed:
  • MassMass: 19000000 kg
  • VolumeVolume: 19000000 m3
  • Cargo capacityCargo capacity: 120 m3
  • Maximum velocityMaximum velocity: 1750
  • Orbit Velocity Orbit Velocity 219
  • Capacitor Capacity Capacitor Capacity 3800
  • Capacitor Recharge time Capacitor Recharge time 1000000
  • Disallows Assistance Disallows Assistance 1
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 5250
  • EM damage EM damage 20
  • Explosive damage Explosive damage 16
  • Kinetic damage Kinetic damage 8
  • Thermal damage Thermal damage 0
  • Accuracy falloff Accuracy falloff 54688
  • Turret Tracking Turret Tracking 0.0140625
  • Rate of fire Rate of fire 5000
  • Optimal Range Optimal Range 42969
  • Signature Resolution Signature Resolution 400
  • Damage Modifier Damage Modifier 15.625
  • Drone Tanking Modifier Drone Tanking Modifier 0.7
  • Ignore Drones Below This Size Ignore Drones Below This Size 100
  • Missile Damage Bonus Missile Damage Bonus 1.25
  • Security Status Kill Amount Security Status Kill Amount 0.14
  • Bounty Bounty 2000000
  • Rate of fire Rate of fire 5760
  • Missile Velocity Bonus Missile Velocity Bonus 1.62
  • Missile Flight Time Bonus Missile Flight Time Bonus 1.62
  • Explosion Radius Bonus Explosion Radius Bonus 0.42
  • Explosion Velocity Bonus Explosion Velocity Bonus 2.34

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