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CONCORD Stellar Observatory (NPC structures Large Collidable Structure)

CONCORD Stellar Observatory (not published)

CONCORD Stellar Observatory


CONCORD's Inner Circle and the DED High Command have become increasingly alarmed by the focus of the Triglavian invaders on the stars of New Eden. The appearance of special Triglavian task forces erecting Stellar Accelerator structures prompted a crash program to develop a Stellar Observatory of CONCORD's own, with a suitable defense system and dedicated local defense fleets in co-operation with CONCORD member empires.

The CONCORD Stellar Observatory is carrying out vital work aimed at analyzing in depth the various effects of Triglavian stellar manipulation and comparing them with the base conditions of stellar bodies across New Eden. While it is an especially dangerous and costly task, due to the importance of working in Triglavian invasion zones, CONCORD is dedicating considerable resources and personnel to this effort.

CONCORD Stellar Observatory


No data available.
CONCORD Stellar Observatory


  • Signature radiusSignature radius: 1000 m

Structure and speed:
  • MassMass: 1000 kg
  • VolumeVolume: 1000 m3
  • Cargo capacityCargo capacity: 1000 m3
  • Structure Hitpoints Structure Hitpoints 450000
  • Shield Capacity Shield Capacity 250000
  • Shield recharge time Shield recharge time 86400000
  • Armor Hitpoints Armor Hitpoints 1200000

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