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Battle of Ratillose Monument (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Battle of Ratillose Monument (not published)

Battle of Ratillose Monument


This monument marks the battlefield where the brave men and women of the Federation Navy defeated a House Kador fleet attempting an unprovoked, illegal, and renegade invasion of Solitude.

On November 8th YC110, Amarr Royal Heir Uriam Kador mobilized the House Kador fleet and launched a surprise attack, without Imperial sanction, against Federation Navy facilities in the Ratillose system, evidently assuming that the Gallente military would be too focused on their conflicts with the Caldari to respond with countervailing force. Contrary to his expectations, the Federation was ready to defend its borders and responded with overwhelming fleet strength to reinforce Ratillose. House Kador forces were routed into Aridia after their invasion efforts were dealt a defeat that military experts have called one of the most devastating in the modern history of New Eden.

"Our strength is our diversity, our tolerance lends us unity, but injure us and you will swiftly feel the steel beneath the velvet." – Federation President Celes Aguard

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