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Astrahus Construction (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Astrahus Construction (not published)

Astrahus Construction


Citadel Class: Astrahus
Manufacturer: Upwell Consortium

Here stands one of the first five Citadel-class structures constructed in New Eden.
Manufactured in YC-118 by the Upwell Consortium with great assistance from capsuleers.

The Upwell Consortium and its known affiliates wish to specifically thank Naava Edios, for going above and beyond all limits and expectations to make these dreams become a reality.

The following capsuleers have earned an Astrahus blueprint copy for services rendered to the Upwell Consortium:

Aeris Cuprum
Ruth Maude
Shinron Sakai

The following capsuleer has earned a Fortizar blueprint copy for services rendered to the Upwell Consortium:

Dzen Avi

Structure and speed:

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