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Alliance Tournament Monument (NPC structures Large Collidable Object)

Alliance Tournament Monument (not published)

Alliance Tournament Monument


"Throughout history humanity has struggled for survival, fortune and glory. The fight to exceed nature's limits continues but as often the combat is within and between ourselves.

While the need to hunt for food is long behind us, and life itself is seldom a daily struggle for survival, we still crave the fearful rush that comes with the imminence of death.

There is both terror and majesty in combat: from the steel swords and wooden shields of ancient conflicts; to the hulking masses of kilometers long spacecraft unleashing firepower to equal that of entire planetary wars.

No matter the tools, no matter the arena, all clashes of arms meet and fulfill the same purpose: the need to fight, and the determination to win."

– Khumat Mebroh, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Gaming Commission

Structure and speed:

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