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Pathfinder Gate


The Pathfinder Gate is a gizmo first produced by Kaalakiota corporation, as a handy navigational device in space that directs travelers to areas within and around the solarsystem. It was originally created for tourist attractions as a quick and easy way to navigate between important sites within a solar-system.

However recently it has become quite popular within military and pirate circles, as a way to limit the risk of losing highly-sensitive coordinates to the enemy. Instead of handing out bookmarks to every ship in the fleet, there would be a single Pathfinder Gate which would direct the ships from a common meetingplace. That way keeping the coordinates hidden would be that much simpler, as well as preventing hackers from uncovering the coordinates by breaking into a computer mainframe of a ship of the fleet.

You must approach the Pathfinder Gate before you can activate it.

Structure and speed:
  • Activation proximity Activation proximity 50000

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