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Customs Office Gantry (stations, gates Orbital Construction Platform)

Customs Office Gantry

Customs Office Gantry


A rigid scaffold equipped with stabilizing thrusters and microgravity fabrication facilities, this gantry is designed for the erection of large, stationary structures in the orbit of planetary bodies. This model provides the skeleton for an orbital Customs Office.

Note: In an effort to reduce waste, the gantry will be consumed during construction and its materials will be incorporated into the new structure.

Customs Office Gantry


No data available.
Customs Office Gantry


  • Signature radiusSignature radius: 14000 m

Structure and speed:
  • MassMass: 1000000 kg
  • VolumeVolume: 7600 m3
  • Cargo capacityCargo capacity: 19500001 m3
Required skills:
  • required skills Anchoring 1
  • scanRadarStrength RADAR Sensor Strength 200 points
  • scanLadarStrength Ladar Sensor Strength 200 points
  • scanMagnetometricStrength Magnetometric Sensor Strength 200 points
  • scanGravimetricStrength Gravimetric Sensor Strength 200 points
  • disallowOffensiveModifiers disallow Offensive Modifiers yes
  • specialMaterialBayCapacity Special material bay capacity 3200 m3
  • structureUniformity structure Uniformity 0 %
  • hp Structure Hitpoints 300000 HP
  • shieldCapacity Shield Capacity 10000000 HP
  • shieldRechargeRate Shield recharge time 10000000 s
  • shieldUniformity shield Uniformity 25 %
  • armorHP Armor Hitpoints 500000 HP
  • armorUniformity armor Uniformity 25 %
  • constructionType construction Type 2233
  • anchoringDelay Anchoring Delay 5000 s
  • unanchoringDelay Unanchoring Delay 5000 s
  • onliningDelay Onlining Delay 30000 s
  • maxOperationalDistance Maximum Operational Distance 3000 m
  • maxOperationalUsers Maximum Concurrent Operational Users 1


Base materials:

  • Integrity Response DronesIntegrity Response Drones: 6
  • Nano-FactoryNano-Factory: 11
  • Organic Mortar ApplicatorsOrganic Mortar Applicators: 11
  • Sterile ConduitsSterile Conduits: 16
  • Capital Construction PartsCapital Construction Parts: 1

Blueprint details:

  • BlueprintBlueprint: Customs Office Gantry Blueprint
  • Tech levelTech level: 1

Extra materials:

  • Integrity Response DronesIntegrity Response Drones: 5
  • Nano-FactoryNano-Factory: 10
  • Organic Mortar ApplicatorsOrganic Mortar Applicators: 10
  • Sterile ConduitsSterile Conduits: 14
  • Capital Construction PartsCapital Construction Parts: 1

Skills needed:

  • IndustryIndustry: 5

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