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Ancient Compressed Gelidus (ores, minerals, clouds Ancient Compressed Ice)

Ancient Compressed Gelidus (not published)

  • Base priceBase price: 825,000 ISK
Ancient Compressed Gelidus


Fairly rare and very valuable, Gelidus-type ice formations are a large-scale source of strontium clathrates, one of the rarest ice solids found in the universe, in addition to which they contain unusually large concentrations of heavy water and liquid ozone.

This ore has been compressed into a much more dense version.

Structure and speed:
  • MassMass: 1000 kg
  • VolumeVolume: 100 m3
  • Cargo capacityCargo capacity: 0 m3
Required skills:
  • required skills 16281 1
  • Reprocessing Skill Reprocessing Skill 18025


Base materials:

  • Heavy WaterHeavy Water: 250
  • Liquid OzoneLiquid Ozone: 500
  • Strontium ClathratesStrontium Clathrates: 75

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