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The Jove Empire is isolated from the rest of the world to all but a selected few. The Jovians are a mystery to the other races, fueled not only by their elusiveness, but also their highly advanced technology, eons ahead of the other races. The Jovians have been civilized longer than any other race in the world of EVE and have gone through several golden ages, now long-since shrouded in the past. The current Jovian Empire is only a pale shadow of its former self, mainly because of the Jovian Disease - a psychological disorder that is always fatal.

Ship Class
Gnosis Combat Battlecruiser Gnosis Combat Battlecruiser
SOCT 1 Frigate SOCT 1 Frigate
SOCT 2 Frigate SOCT 2 Frigate
Apotheosis Shuttle Apotheosis Shuttle

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