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EVE Online Triglavian Collective ships and screenshots
The Triglavian Collective appears to be a human civilization that secluded itself in the depths of Abyssal Deadspace centuries, perhaps millennia ago. The Triglavian civilization has demonstrable expertise in advanced space-time mechanics, coupled with a mastery of bioadaptive technology that it uses to survive the shifting environments of the Abyss.

Ship Class Race
Nergal Assault Frigate Nergal Assault Frigate Triglavian
Leshak Battleship Leshak Battleship Triglavian
Drekavac Combat Battlecruiser Drekavac Combat Battlecruiser Triglavian
Draugur Command Destroyer Draugur Command Destroyer Triglavian
Vedmak Cruiser Vedmak Cruiser Triglavian
Kikimora Destroyer Kikimora Destroyer Triglavian
Zirnitra Dreadnought Zirnitra Dreadnought Triglavian
Damavik Frigate Damavik Frigate Triglavian
Ikitursa Heavy Assault Cruiser Ikitursa Heavy Assault Cruiser Triglavian
Zarmazd Logistics Zarmazd Logistics Triglavian

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