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EVE Online Ores, minerals, clouds

Object Type
Ancient Compressed Blue Ice Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Clear Icicle Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Dark Glitter Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Enriched Clear Icicle Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Gelidus Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Glacial Mass Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Glare Crust Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Krystallos Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Pristine White Glaze Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Smooth Glacial Mass Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed Thick Blue Ice Ancient Compressed Ice
Ancient Compressed White Glaze Ancient Compressed Ice
Arkonor Arkonor
Compressed Arkonor Arkonor
Compressed Crimson Arkonor Arkonor
Compressed Flawless Arkonor Arkonor
Compressed Prime Arkonor Arkonor
Crimson Arkonor Arkonor
Flawed Arkonor Arkonor
Flawless Arkonor Arkonor
Polygypsum Arkonor
Prime Arkonor Arkonor
Abyssal Bezdnacine Bezdnacine
Bezdnacine Bezdnacine
Hadal Bezdnacine Bezdnacine
Bistot Bistot
Compressed Bistot Bistot
Compressed Cubic Bistot Bistot
Compressed Monoclinic Bistot Bistot
Compressed Triclinic Bistot Bistot
Cubic Bistot Bistot
Monoclinic Bistot Bistot
Triclinic Bistot Bistot
Cobaltite Common Moon Asteroids
Copious Cobaltite Common Moon Asteroids
Copious Euxenite Common Moon Asteroids
Copious Scheelite Common Moon Asteroids
Copious Titanite Common Moon Asteroids
Euxenite Common Moon Asteroids
Scheelite Common Moon Asteroids
Titanite Common Moon Asteroids
Twinkling Cobaltite Common Moon Asteroids
Twinkling Euxenite Common Moon Asteroids
Twinkling Scheelite Common Moon Asteroids
Twinkling Titanite Common Moon Asteroids
Compressed Crokite Crokite
Compressed Crystalline Crokite Crokite
Compressed Pellucid Crokite Crokite
Compressed Sharp Crokite Crokite
Crokite Crokite
Crystalline Crokite Crokite
Fools Crokite Crokite
Geodite Crokite
Pellucid Crokite Crokite
Sharp Crokite Crokite
Compressed Dark Ochre Dark Ochre
Compressed Jet Ochre Dark Ochre
Compressed Obsidian Ochre Dark Ochre
Compressed Onyx Ochre Dark Ochre
Dark Ochre Dark Ochre
Jet Ochre Dark Ochre
Obsidian Ochre Dark Ochre
Oeryl Dark Ochre
Onyx Ochre Dark Ochre
Asteroid C UNUSED Deadspace Asteroids
Asteroid D UNUSED Deadspace Asteroids
Cthonic Attar Deadspace Asteroids
Heavy Cthonic Attar Deadspace Asteroids
Adamantine Raspite Empire Asteroids
Cubic Kangite Empire Asteroids
Diamond Moissanite Empire Asteroids
Granitic Polycrase Empire Asteroids
Kangite Empire Asteroids
Moissanite Empire Asteroids
Polycrase Empire Asteroids
Raspite Empire Asteroids
Bountiful Loparite Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Bountiful Monazite Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Bountiful Xenotime Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Bountiful Ytterbite Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Loparite Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Monazite Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Shining Loparite Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Shining Monazite Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Shining Xenotime Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Shining Ytterbite Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Xenotime Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Ytterbite Exceptional Moon Asteroids
Amethystic Crystallite Fluorite
Brilliant Gneiss Gneiss
Compressed Brilliant Gneiss Gneiss
Compressed Gneiss Gneiss
Compressed Iridescent Gneiss Gneiss
Compressed Prismatic Gneiss Gneiss
Flawed Gneiss Gneiss
Gneiss Gneiss
Green Arisite Gneiss
Iridescent Gneiss Gneiss
Prismatic Gneiss Gneiss
Amber Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Amber Mykoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Azure Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Azure Mykoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Blockout Cone Harvestable Cloud
Blockout Cube Harvestable Cloud
Blockout Cylinder Harvestable Cloud
Blockout Sphere Harvestable Cloud
Celadon Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Celadon Mykoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Chartreuse Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Fullerite-C28 Harvestable Cloud
Fullerite-C32 Harvestable Cloud
Fullerite-C320 Harvestable Cloud
Fullerite-C50 Harvestable Cloud
Fullerite-C540 Harvestable Cloud
Fullerite-C60 Harvestable Cloud
Fullerite-C70 Harvestable Cloud
Fullerite-C72 Harvestable Cloud
Fullerite-C84 Harvestable Cloud
Gamboge Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Golden Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Golden Mykoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Hiemal Tricarboxyl Vapor Harvestable Cloud
Lime Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Lime Mykoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Malachite Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Malachite Mykoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Vermillion Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Vermillion Mykoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Viridian Cytoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Viridian Mykoserocin Harvestable Cloud
Compressed Glazed Hedbergite Hedbergite
Compressed Hedbergite Hedbergite
Compressed Lustrous Hedbergite Hedbergite
Compressed Vitric Hedbergite Hedbergite
Glazed Hedbergite Hedbergite
Hedbergite Hedbergite
Lustrous Hedbergite Hedbergite
Vitric Hedbergite Hedbergite
Compressed Hemorphite Hemorphite
Compressed Radiant Hemorphite Hemorphite
Compressed Scintillating Hemorphite Hemorphite
Compressed Vivid Hemorphite Hemorphite
Hemorphite Hemorphite
Radiant Hemorphite Hemorphite
Scintillating Hemorphite Hemorphite
Vivid Hemorphite Hemorphite
Azure Ice Ice
Blue Ice Ice
Clear Icicle Ice
Compressed Blue Ice Ice
Compressed Clear Icicle Ice
Compressed Dark Glitter Ice
Compressed Enriched Clear Icicle Ice
Compressed Gelidus Ice
Compressed Glacial Mass Ice
Compressed Glare Crust Ice
Compressed Krystallos Ice
Compressed Pristine White Glaze Ice
Compressed Smooth Glacial Mass Ice
Compressed Thick Blue Ice Ice
Compressed White Glaze Ice
Crystalline Icicle Ice
Dark Glitter Ice
Enriched Clear Icicle Ice
Gelidus Ice
Glacial Mass Ice
Glare Crust Ice
Krystallos Ice
Pristine White Glaze Ice
Smooth Glacial Mass Ice
Thick Blue Ice Ice
White Glaze Ice
Compressed Immaculate Jaspet Jaspet
Compressed Jaspet Jaspet
Compressed Pristine Jaspet Jaspet
Compressed Pure Jaspet Jaspet
Flawed Jaspet Jaspet
Immaculate Jaspet Jaspet
Jaspet Jaspet
Pithix Jaspet
Pristine Jaspet Jaspet
Pure Jaspet Jaspet
Compressed Fiery Kernite Kernite
Compressed Kernite Kernite
Compressed Luminous Kernite Kernite
Compressed Resplendant Kernite Kernite
Fiery Kernite Kernite
Kernite Kernite
Luminous Kernite Kernite
Lyavite Kernite
Resplendant Kernite Kernite
Compressed Magma Mercoxit Mercoxit
Compressed Mercoxit Mercoxit
Compressed Vitreous Mercoxit Mercoxit
Magma Mercoxit Mercoxit
Mercoxit Mercoxit
Vitreous Mercoxit Mercoxit
Zuthrine Mercoxit
Compressed Golden Omber Omber
Compressed Omber Omber
Compressed Platinoid Omber Omber
Compressed Silvery Omber Omber
Golden Omber Omber
Mercium Omber
Omber Omber
Platinoid Omber Omber
Silvery Omber Omber
Azure Plagioclase Plagioclase
Compressed Azure Plagioclase Plagioclase
Compressed Plagioclase Plagioclase
Compressed Rich Plagioclase Plagioclase
Compressed Sparkling Plagioclase Plagioclase
Plagioclase Plagioclase
Rich Plagioclase Plagioclase
Sparkling Plagioclase Plagioclase
Augumene Pyroxeres
Compressed Opulent Pyroxeres Pyroxeres
Compressed Pyroxeres Pyroxeres
Compressed Solid Pyroxeres Pyroxeres
Compressed Viscous Pyroxeres Pyroxeres
Opulent Pyroxeres Pyroxeres
Pyroxeres Pyroxeres
Solid Pyroxeres Pyroxeres
Viscous Pyroxeres Pyroxeres
Abyssal Rakovene Rakovene
Hadal Rakovene Rakovene
Rakovene Rakovene
Carnotite Rare Moon Asteroids
Cinnabar Rare Moon Asteroids
Glowing Carnotite Rare Moon Asteroids
Glowing Cinnabar Rare Moon Asteroids
Glowing Pollucite Rare Moon Asteroids
Glowing Zircon Rare Moon Asteroids
Pollucite Rare Moon Asteroids
Replete Carnotite Rare Moon Asteroids
Replete Cinnabar Rare Moon Asteroids
Replete Pollucite Rare Moon Asteroids
Replete Zircon Rare Moon Asteroids
Zircon Rare Moon Asteroids
Compressed Condensed Scordite Scordite
Compressed Glossy Scordite Scordite
Compressed Massive Scordite Scordite
Compressed Scordite Scordite
Condensed Scordite Scordite
Glossy Scordite Scordite
Massive Scordite Scordite
Scordite Scordite
Bright Spodumain Spodumain
Compressed Bright Spodumain Spodumain
Compressed Dazzling Spodumain Spodumain
Compressed Gleaming Spodumain Spodumain
Compressed Spodumain Spodumain
Dazzling Spodumain Spodumain
Gleaming Spodumain Spodumain
Spodumain Spodumain
Abyssal Talassonite Talassonite
Hadal Talassonite Talassonite
Talassonite Talassonite
Faded Volatile Ice Temporal Resources
Fresh Volatile Ice Temporal Resources
Friable Volatile Ice Temporal Resources
Hiemal Tricarboxyl Condensate Temporal Resources
Bitumens Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Brimful Bitumens Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Brimful Coesite Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Brimful Sylvite Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Brimful Zeolites Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Coesite Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Glistening Bitumens Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Glistening Coesite Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Glistening Sylvite Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Glistening Zeolites Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Sylvite Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Zeolites Ubiquitous Moon Asteroids
Chromite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Lavish Chromite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Lavish Otavite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Lavish Sperrylite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Lavish Vanadinite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Otavite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Shimmering Chromite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Shimmering Otavite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Shimmering Sperrylite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Shimmering Vanadinite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Sperrylite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Vanadinite Uncommon Moon Asteroids
Banidine Veldspar
Chondrite Veldspar
Compressed Concentrated Veldspar Veldspar
Compressed Dense Veldspar Veldspar
Compressed Stable Veldspar Veldspar
Compressed Veldspar Veldspar
Concentrated Veldspar Veldspar
Dense Veldspar Veldspar
Stable Veldspar Veldspar
Veldspar Veldspar

In red: published
In gray, italic: non published

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