EVE Online Ships

Tash-Murkon Magnate - special edition ships Frigate

This Magnate-class frigate is one of the most decoratively designed ship classes in the Amarr Empire, considered to be a pet project for a small, elite group of royal ship engineers for over a decade. The frigate's design has gone through several stages over the past decade, and new models of the Magnate appear every few years.In recent times the royal Amarr Houses have shown increased interest in the design. House Tash-Murkon came to the fore in Amarr politics only after the fall of another, disgraced house, and while they possess great wealth and considerable power, some feel they do not command the respect of the original, highborn royal Houses. This Magnate is a clear statement by house Tash-Murkon that they possess all the grandeur and powerful grace required to stand beside the most pious of Amarr, and despite a few nattering voices claiming they are yet again trying to purchase divinity, most people applaud the vessel as a proper effort to honor the glory of the Almighty.

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