EVE Online Ships

Scorpion Ishukone Watch - Caldari State Battleship

With its focus on electronic warfare, few ships can resist the direct onslaught of the Ishukone Watch Scorpion-class battleship's jamming capabilities. Details This variant of the Scorpion represents the pinnacle of the Ishukone paramilitary force's electronic warfare capabilities. Development When Ishukone Watch was commissioned to produce a run of Scorpion-class battleships for its parent company, it was decided that a number of extra units would be offered to the capsuleer community to help fund the effort. Interestingly, the entire project took less than one year from start to finish, suggesting at some degree of urgency in the fleet's production. The first of these vessels was awarded to Gallente pilot Jack DuVal on June 4th YC115 as a gesture of good will, after it was stolen from an Ishukone Watch shipyard in orbit of Caldari Prime by the Guristas Pirates, before being abandoned in his hangar in Korama after a lengthy pursuit across the Caldari Border Zone. Technology Though the typical Scorpion-class battleship includes a highly advanced sensor package, Ishukone Watch modifies their ships for policing duty around their worlds. Custom multispectral radiation scanners designed to catch all forms of planetary and extra-planetary communications replace the standard comms suite. Special Ladar and thermal imaging equipment allow Ishukone Watch ships to serve as a distant eye-in-the-sky for planetary security forces. Although these features are stripped out before decommissioned hulls are placed on the open market, the infamy of the Ishukone Watch still makes ships popular with independent ship buyers. Notes Many wonder why Ishukone Watch would produce a massive run of electronic warfare battleships, especially with sensor suites fine-tuned to detect planetside signals. Some have speculated that these ships were intended to support a larger, multinational fleet. Regarding the mass production of these ships, Ishukone Watch CEO Eborimi Shiskala praised her parent corporation with an "incredible dedication to the Ishukone doctrine of technological superiority."

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