Rorqual (O.R.E. Capital Industrial Ship)

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  • mass
    800000000 kg
  • volume
    14500000 m3
  • capacity
    40000 m3
  • techLevel
    tech level
  • maxVelocity
    Maximum Velocity
    60 m/sec
  • agility
    Inertia Modifier
    0.07 x
  • warpSpeed
    Warp Speed
    1.5 x

The Rorqual was conceived and designed by Outer Ring Excavations in response to a growing need for capital industry platforms with the ability to support and sustain large-scale mining operations in uninhabited areas of space.

To that end, the Rorqual's primary strength lies in its ability to grind raw ores into particles of smaller size than possible before, while still maintaining their distinctive molecular structure. This means the vessel is able to carry vast amounts of ore in compressed form.

Additionally, the Rorqual is able to fit a capital tractor beam unit, capable of pulling in cargo containers from far greater distances and at far greater speeds than smaller beams can. It also possesses a sizeable drone bay, jump drive capability and the capacity to fit a clone vat bay. This combination of elements makes the Rorqual the ideal nexus to build deep space mining operations around.

Due to its specialization towards industrial operations, its ship maintenance bay is able to accommodate only industrial ships, mining barges and their tech 2 variants.

Capital Industrial Ship bonuses (per skill level):
  • 5% bonus to Mining Foreman Burst Strength and Duration
  • 3% bonus to Shield Command Burst Strength and Duration
  • 5% reduction in fuel consumption for Industrial Core
  • 10% bonus to drone hitpoints, damage and mining yield
  • -10% reduction in drone ice harvesting cycle time

Role bonus:

  • 400% bonus to Remote Shield Booster optimal range
  • 90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue
  • Can fit Clone Vat Bay
  • Can fit Industrial Core
  • Can operate Excavator Drones
  • Can fit three Command Burst modules
  • Can fit one Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core
  • 50% bonus to Command Burst Area of Effect Range
  • 5x penalty to Entosis Link cycle time
  • 900% bonus to Survey Scanner range
  • 200% bonus to Cargo Scanners range


Rorqual screenshots

Rorqual O.R.E.Rorqual O.R.E.Rorqual O.R.E.Rorqual O.R.E.Rorqual O.R.E.

Rorqual defences

hitpoints EM
uniformity *
shield iconShield 90000 HP
0 %
50 %
40 %
20 %
25 %
armor iconArmor 60000 HP
50 %
10 %
35 %
35 %
25 %
structure iconStructure 300000 HP
* Threshold below which damage starts "bleeding" through to the lower level
shield Recharge Rate
Shield recharge time: 1.44e+07 S

Rorqual fitting

capacitor slots hardpoints
calibration capacity recharge time high med low turrets launchers
powerOutput420000 MW cpuOutput1200 Tf upgradeCapacity400 points capacitorCapacity67500 GJ rechargeRate4.5e+06 S hiSlots8 medSlots7 lowSlots4 turretSlotsLeft0 launcherSlotsLeft0

Rig slots (size): 3 (Extra large)
Upgrade hardpoints: 3 hardpoints

Rorqual targeting

max locked
max targeting
Radar Ladar Magnetometric Gravimetric signature
maxLockedTargets7 maxTargetRange200000 M scanRadarStrength0 points scanLadarStrength0 points scanMagnetometricStrength115 points scanGravimetricStrength0 points signatureRadius11500 M scanResolution75 Mm scanSpeed6750 S

Rorqual ship attributes

  • Structure

  • specialOreHoldCapacity
    Ore Hold Capacity
    300000 m3 Capacity of ore-only hold
  • Drones

  • droneBandwidth
    Drone Bandwidth
    125 Mbit/sec
  • droneCapacity
    Drone Capacity
    6000 m3 This defines the total capacity of drones allowed in the drone bay of the ship
  • Required Skills

  • requiredSkill1
    Primary Skill required
    Capital Industrial Ships The type ID of the skill that is required.
  • requiredSkill2
    Secondary Skill required
    Capital Ships The type ID of the skill that is required.
  • requiredSkill3
    Tertiary Skill required
    Jump Drive Operation The type ID of the skill that is required.
  • requiredSkill1Level
    required Skill1 Level
    1 Required skill level for skill 1
  • requiredSkill2Level
    required Skill2 Level
    2 Required skill level for skill 2
  • requiredSkill3Level
    required Skill3 Level
    1 Required skill level for skill 3
  • Miscellaneous

  • surveyScannerRangeBonus
    survey Scanner Range Bonus
    900 % Survey Scanner Range Bonus
  • shipBonusORECapital1
    ship Bonus O R E Capital1
    -5 shipBonusORECapital1
  • shipBonusORECapital2
    ship Bonus O R E Capital2
    5 shipBonusORECapital2
  • shipBonusORECapital3
    ship Bonus O R E Capital3
    3 shipBonusORECapital3
  • shipBonusORECapital4
    ship Bonus O R E Capital4
    10 shipBonusORECapital4
  • heatAttenuationHi
    Heat Attenuation
  • baseWarpSpeed
    Ship Warp Speed
    1 Just for the UI to display the ship warp speed.
  • jumpClonesLeft
    Unused Clone Vats
    0 The remaining number of unused clone vats on the ship that are available for installation of jump clones.
  • powerLoad
    Power Load
    0 MW Current load of power core
  • isCapitalSize
    Capital Sized Vessel
  • disallowInHighSec
    Banned in High Sec Space
    1 1=True 0=False Security status restriction, preventing ships from entering high sec and modules from being activated.
  • jumpFatigueMultiplier
    Jump Fatigue Multiplier
    0.1 x Multiplier for jump fatigue distance
  • gateScrambleStatus
    Gate Scramble Status
    0 If greater than zero than the ship cannot activate gates. Set this to 0 on a type if you want it to be gate scramble-able.
  • shipBonusORECapital5
    ship Bonus O R E Capital5
  • maxGangModules
    Maximum Active Command Relays
    2 +
  • metaLevel
    Meta Level
    0 Level The ranking of the module within its tech level
  • maxOperationalDistance
    Maximum Operational Distance
    5000 m The maximum distance at which the object can be used.
  • maxOperationalUsers
    Maximum Concurrent Operational Users
    10 The maximum number of users that can be present within the operational range of the structure for it to be capable of operation.
  • canJump
    Onboard Jump Drive
    yes 1 = ship can use jump drive
  • jumpDriveConsumptionType
    Jump Drive Fuel Need
    Oxygen Isotopes Type that is used for consumption from cargo hold when activating jump drive operation.
  • jumpDriveRange
    Maximum Jump Range
    5 ly Range in light years the ship can maximum jump to.
  • jumpDriveConsumptionAmount
    Jump Drive Consumption Amount
    2000 units Number of units it consumes per light year.
  • jumpDriveCapacitorNeed
    Jump Drive Capacitor Need
    0.95 % Minimum capacitor need for jump drive operation from full capacitor in modifier%.
  • maxJumpClones
    Maximum Jump Clones
    6 The maximum amount of jump clones that the character may have in existence or ship may have stored.
  • unknown

  • cargoScannerRangeBonus
    cargo Scanner Range Bonus
    200 % Cargo Scanner Range Bonus
  • Hangars & Bays

  • specialFuelBayCapacity
    Fuel Bay Capacity
    10000 m3 special fuel bay capacity
  • unknown

  • entosisDurationMultiplier
    entosis Duration Multiplier
  • Fighter Attributes

  • fighterAbilityAntiCapitalMissileResistance
    fighter Ability Anti Capital Missile Resistance
    1 %
  • unknown

  • industrialBonusDroneDamage
    industrial Bonus Drone Damage
    0 %
  • jumpDriveDuration
    jump Drive Duration
    300000 The amount of time before the ship actually jumps.
  • advancedCapitalAgility
    advanced Capital Agility
  • Hangars & Bays

  • hasShipMaintenanceBay
    has Ship Maintenance Bay
    yes Indicates whether a ship type has a ship maintenance bay.
  • shipMaintenanceBayCapacity
    Ship Maintenance Bay Capacity
    1e+06 m3 The capacity of the hangar in a ship.
  • hasFleetHangars
    has Fleet Hangars
    yes Whether this ship has fleet hangars.
  • fleetHangarCapacity
    Fleet Hangar Capacity
    40000 m3 The capacity of the fleet hangar.
  • unknown

  • canReceiveCloneJumps
    can Receive Clone Jumps
    1 Defines whether a ship has the functionality to allow it to receive clone jumps and host jump clones.
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