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Jackdaw (Caldari State Tactical Destroyer)


tech level Tech level 3
mass Mass 1100000 kg
volume Volume 47000 m3
capacity Capacity 450 m3
Maximum Velocity Maximum velocity 180 m/sec
Warp Speed Warp speed 4.5 x
Inertia Modifier Inertia modifier 6 x
Despite widespread disappointment within the State that Caldari researchers fell behind their counterparts in the Empire and Republic during the second wave of sleeper-derived weapons development in late YC116 and early YC117, the quality of their end result cannot be denied.

The Jackdaw is a versatile and powerful combat vessel, combining cutting edge advancements in missile and shield technology with the incredible breakthrough of the Self-Assembling Nanolattice to produce a ship that any Caldari pilot can be proud to fly.
Caldari Tactical Destroyer Bonuses Per Level:
  • 3% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile Launcher rate of fire (Was 5% per level)
  • 15% reduction in Missile Launcher reload time
  • 5% reduction in heat damage generated by modules
Role Bonus:
  • 33% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile damage (Was 50%)
  • 95% reduction in Scan Probe Launcher CPU requirements

Additional bonuses are available when one of three Tactical Destroyer Modes are active. Modes may be changed no more than once every 10 seconds.

Defense Mode:

  • 33.3% bonus to all shield resistances while Defense Mode is enabled
  • 33.3% reduction in ship signature radius while Defense Mode is enabled

Propulsion Mode:

  • 33.3% bonus to max velocity while Propulsion Mode is enabled
  • 66.6% bonus to ship inertia modifier while Propulsion Mode is enabled

Sharpshooter Mode:

  • 66.6% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile velocity while Sharpshooter Mode is enabled
  • 33.3% bonus to Rocket and Light Missile damage while Sharpshooter Mode is enabled (New)
  • 100% bonus to sensor strength and targeting range while Sharpshooter Mode is enabled (Previously included scan resolution)
  • 66.6% increased resistances against hostile Sensor Dampeners and Weapon Disruptors while Sharpshooter Mode is enabled (New)

Jackdaw defenses

hitpoints EM
uniformity *
Shield: 900 HP
0 %
50 %
55 %
60 %
25 %
Armor: 600 HP
50 %
10 %
43.75 %
72.5 %
25 %
Structure: 600 HP
* Threshold below which damage starts "bleeding" through to the lower level
shield Recharge Rate
Shield recharge time: 800000 S

Jackdaw fitting

capacitor slots hardpoints
calibration capacity recharge time high med low turrets launchers
power Output57 MW cpu Output270 Tf upgrade Capacity400 points capacitor Capacity700 GJ recharge Rate300000 S hi Slots6 med Slots5 low Slots3 turret Slots Left0 launcher Slots Left5
rig Slots
Rig slots (size): 3 (Small)
upgrade Slots Left
Upgrade hardpoints: 3 hardpoints

Jackdaw targeting

max locked
max targeting
Radar Ladar Magnetometric Gravimetric signature
maxLockedTargets7 maxTargetRange55000 M scanRadarStrength points scanLadarStrength points scanMagnetometricStrength points scanGravimetricStrength15 points signatureRadius70 M scanResolution500 Mm scanSpeed5000 S

Jackdaw ship attributes

  • Fitting

  • Cooldown between mode switching
    10000 sec Time in milliseconds that it takes to switch stances.
  • Drones

  • Drone Bandwidth
    0 Mbit/sec
  • Drone Capacity
    0 m3 This defines the total capacity of drones allowed in the drone bay of the ship
  • Required Skills

  • Primary Skill required
    Caldari Tactical Destroyer The type ID of the skill that is required.
  • required Skill1 Level
    1 Required skill level for skill 1
  • Miscellaneous

  • Heat Attenuation
  • Ship Warp Speed
    1 Just for the UI to display the ship warp speed.
  • Power Load
    0 MW Current load of power core
  • Meta Level
    5 Level The ranking of the module within its tech level
  • unknown

  • role Bonus Tactical Destroyer1
  • ship Bonus Tactical Destroyer Caldari1
  • ship Bonus Tactical Destroyer Caldari2
  • ship Bonus Tactical Destroyer Caldari3
  • ship Bonus Pirate Faction
    33 Stock Bonus on Pirate Faction Ships.

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